Horti Pompeiani – Boboli Gardens

Until December 31, 2010 in Florence, there will be at the Boboli Gardens, the faithful re-proposed two private gardens of ancient Pompeii, the garden of the House of Painters at Work and the garden of the House of Vettii. The representation shows how the gardens had to be before the eruption of Vesuvius that destroyed Pompei in 79 AD. Pompeii gardens have the characteristic of being locked inside the house, smaller than the Roman ones. It looks adorned with statues, columns and fountains where the water had become the true protagonist of the scene. The exhilarating beauty of the garden looks like a piece of architecture designed prior to its implementation. These are the features of the gardens on display in Florence, with walkways, flowers and fountains, statues, showing the luxurious style and meticulous attention to detail their age. On entering the gardens, visitors will have the feeling of living in another historical era.

Horti Pompeiani – Boboli Gardens
Until December 31, 2010
Piazza Pitti, 1
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